Skype Book Club

Stephen Grosz will be touring widely and visiting books clubs to promote his book “The Examined Life”, but if there are no events near you – the world is wide and travel is expensive – he is also available to discuss the book via video link using Skype.

This innovative new way of directly reaching out to readers is simple and increasing popular. Skype provides video conferencing software which would allow you and your book group to participate in a live Q&A with the author… All you need do is fill out the form below to suggest a date and time when your group would like to discuss “The Examined Life”. Usually a call is made a day before (or earlier on the agreed day)  to ensure everything is working – your book club members do not all need to be in the same room, since Skype will allow a dozen connections to the same video link.

For short author Q&As (30 minutes) there is no charge – Stephen is passionate about his subject and about his book and welcomes the opportunity to be able to connect directly to readers, to share his experiences and to learn something of theirs. Additionally, for those who do not already use it, Skype software is free to download and computer to computer video calls are also free.

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