The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis

Low Fee Scheme


The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis has a number of places each year for full, five times weekly psychoanalysis for people for whom this would be the treatment of choice but who cannot afford full fees. Following a Clinic psychoanalytic consultation, recommendations are considered by the Clinic and if a suitable place is likely to become available within a reasonable period of time, applicants can go onto our waiting list. We try not to keep people waiting for more than six months. These places are offered by members of the Clinic staff, many of whom are in the final stages of their training at the Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Fees under this scheme are according to the patient’s means, usually with a minimum of £5 per session, for five times weekly treatment for a minimum of two years. No one is excluded on financial grounds and lower fees can be negotiated at the Clinical Director’s discretion. For more about the scheme, click here If you are interested in having an analysis through this scheme, then contact the Clinic to arrange to have a Psychoanalytic Consultation.

Trudy Turmer
Clinic Administrator
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The Institute of Psychoanalysis

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